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How does The SOS Company compare to other organizing giants such as The Home Edit or Marie Kondo? We love that high-profile companies are bringing attention to organizing and how much we can help people change their lives. And we know that no two organizing jobs are the same. At The SOS Company, we help you while keeping your taste, style and personal habits in mind. Our individualized technique meets our clients where they are without forcing onto them a single system, philosophy, or lots of overpriced plastic products. We want to help all kinds of clients reach their various goals whatever that might be.

  • The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning
    by Margareta Magnusson
    More than just a book about possessions and purging, this book gives the perfect perspective to help accept the inevitabilities of life, what happens to all your stuff when you die, and what really matters.
  • Spring Cleaning | SERENO Group
    Why is it so hard to part with our stuff and why is it infinitely easier when you hire a professional to coax us to let go? There are categories that fit the various reasons we cling to our stuff and it may help you purge if you recognize yourself stuck i...

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