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About The SOS Company
Hi! I'm Missy Bregante and I honestly do want to reorganize your stuff! This is my story.

Call me crazy, but I really love my job. I have been groomed to be a professional home organizer for decades. When I was a child I spent summers with my grandparents. I was usually tasked with reorganizing closets and cabinets for them. I can still remember the calm feeling I got from rearranging my grandmother's jewelry. The seed was planted.

I began The SOS Company in 2014 after wanting to make a career change. A friend pointed out that I was a natural organizer. I knew she was right. What I didn't know was how broad the list of services would grow beyong organizing, and how much I would learn and share with my clients along the way!

Missy Bregante and her dog.

As I started working with clients I found myself in their closets, their cabinets, their papers, and their junk drwers. I quickly understood that this job was so much more than straightening up a garage or kitchen. I soon learned these are trusted relationships and this is an intimate job. I appreciate the trust and sensative nature of helping clinets through this process.

I am grateful to have worked with and for so many wonderful clients.  I have been hired for a broad range of job types and have developed successful methods to handle every kind of job.  Right now I am excited to bring my simplified organized solutions and strategies to even more clients. People have begun to talk about us and we love it!

I generally travel to clients within Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. If you are beyond these counties don't hesitate to ask if I can bring my services to you. I have plenty of clients "over the hill."

Our team
Learn more about our team

The SOS Company was established in 2014, by owner, Missy Bregante. A stellar reputation and enthusiastic word of mouth soon developed. After a year in business, the loyalty of her regular clients and the demand of her new ones, needing their special brand of help, grew substantially. The SOS Team began to grow out of that demand. They have an ever expanding list of unique services ranging from organizing kitchens, to decluttering barns, to hauling away donations, to tons of little details to make life easier for their clients. The SOS Company is based out of beautiful Santa Cruz, CA and serves all surrounding counties and beyond.

  • Missy Bregante
    Founder/Owner | Lead Organizer

    I’m Missy Bregante and really do love to organize!

    Without realizing it, I’ve been doing it my whole life. As a kid, projects for my parents and grandparents seemed like fun and not chores. When moving, I enjoyed purging before I packed, which made unpacking easy and gave me a chance to organize my new space efficiently. So in 2014 when I decided to go into business for myself, starting an organizing and packing company made sense. Now I have an amazing team with like minded views, who are compassionate and professional. We enjoy the challenges that come with the business and we want to help our clients during times of transition.

  • Michelle Zavarella
    Lead Organizer & Administrator

    I’m Michelle Zavarella and I’m one of those people who's been known to tidy up my friends' homes for fun. As a kid my mom kept me occupied folding clothes and putting them away neatly. I liked it then and still do! I began working with Missy at The SOS Company in 2019 during a professional transition and never left. I’m a hands-on fixer and enthusiastic about creating efficiency and order in living spaces. I never met a junk drawer or messy closet I didn’t want to whip into shape. When I’m not working I like to read, binge on horror, and cook.

  • Makenzie Kjaer
    Lead Organizer & Social Media

    I’m Makenzie Kjaer and I love living an organized and tidy lifestyle - it has always come naturally to me. It wasn't until working with The SOS Company that I realized organizing was a skill I can use to help others achieve their goals. One of the things I love most about organizing (besides the satisfying Before/After photos) is the positive impact it can make on people’s lives. When I'm not decluttering a closet or reorganizing a bookshelf you can find me tending to my plants, working towards a college degree, or at the beach with my little dog.

  • Nancy Perkins
    Resource & Donations Specialist
    Coming Soon

We're in the Green Business Network!

We've been a certified member of the California Green Business Network since 2018 and we think that is a big deal!

The California Green Business Network leads the state and nation by helping to make our communities healthier and more livable while also conserving resources and saving money. The SOS Company is dedicated to reducing, reusing, recycling, re-selling, re-homing, re-thinking, and repurposing as much as possible to conserve and keep usable items out of the land fill.


A path through the woods.

Do you love organizing? Are you interested in joining The SOS Team?

The SOS Company is growing! We need to add some part-time team members. Being a professional organizer takes a particular personality. The job is rarely glamorous but almost always satisfying and rewarding. There’s nothing like the look of relief on our clients' faces when you take someone from chaos to organized bliss.

Please drop us a call or email and let us know about yourself.


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